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Complaint - Missold new contract

To whom it may concern,

Account details: (omitted)

Area reference: (omitted)

I have contacted customer services today (22/09/18). I was dissatisfied about the price of my bill, after first discussing changing my services I decided to give my notice of cancellation.

However, with further discussions with your company I have been informed of the following: -

I entered into a new contract on 19th June 2018.

I did not agree to a new contract.  Please see the screenshot below from ‘my account’ details on your website and attached contract.

I have been a customer of yours since 2012 and moved your services to my current address in 2016. My account shows my contract began 26th October 2016, for 12 months.


A sales person ((omitted)) called my landline and offered me a promotional offer to my existing services. I was offered was 6 months half price Sky Sports and Sky Cinema, with a free trial period of 1 month. The sales person did not state that I would be entering into a new contract. 

I did not agree to enter into a new contract term. 
I did not receive details of the new contract either via email or post.

(omitted screenshot)

Please send me the following pieces of information: -

The phone recording of the conversation with (Sales person - omitted) on the 19th June 2018.

The new contract starting 19th June 2018.

Proof of contract starting 19th June 2018 being sent to me.

My initial query of changing my services resulted in a lengthy phone call of an hour to customer services. I was forwarded to your cancellation department and spoke to I believe (omitted). This employee informed me I would have exit charges on my account.  (omitted) was fine and polite and due to my immediate disagreement I asked to be transferred to a manager. I spoke to a manager, (omitted).

(omitted) was unsympathetic to my frustration that I felt I have been mis-sold a contract and was not cooperative for a solution on the matter. He was unwilling to look into my original phone call in June and simply stated a new contract had been entered. He would not take into account my views, was very combative and did little to aid in resolving the matter.

I again queried if a change to my contract could be made to keep me a customer. However, all that was available was to downgrade my services at full price. No retention deals could be offered since I was viewed as a new customer locked into contract. I can only leave at an exit fee of £240 (the maximum legally permitted).

(omitted) put my complaint as solved and I was satisfied with his response (complaint reference : 102826717). Only when I queried for a customer complaint reference did he change my response to dissatisfied. I felt this was very deceiving as then my complaint would effectively never be reviewed by another person.

I have not received a new contract via email or post and your communicated contract date does not correspond with ‘my account’ details contract date on your website. I am giving notice of leaving and do not expect any exit penalties. I am exercising my right to extend the ‘cooling off’ period for additional 3 months under the Distance Selling Regulations, in the event you deem the contract starting 19th June 2018 as valid.        

I am very frustrated to escalate this matter due to multiple failings within your company. I do enjoy your services but your prices are too high and keep rising. Your charges to myself are higher than after new customer promotional periods and I am still using old Tivo TV decoders/recorders rather than the current V6.

I look forward to hearing from you to resolve this matter.

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Re: Complaint - Missold new contract

As a heads up this is not somewhere to make an official complaint on, this is a community forum.


To make a formal complaint you need to follow the steps In:


I would advise putting it in writing and sending via recorded delivery to the address in there so you have a timescale for going to the adjudicators CISAS (if required) as they would want the open complaint for 8 weeks.

All posts made are personal opinions as I do not work for VirginMedia.
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