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Compalint about VM services


I'm making formal complaint. I had problems with Virgin Media from very beginning where my package has not been delivered and I have been paying full price for half of the package. In september one of the managers on this forum which is the only way to reach to VM customer service informed me about temporary solution what was to cancel my contract without any costs. When I asked to go for it, I was told to contact your call center 150 from my VM phone. After I was conected to one of you advisors he refused to execute this, he refused to pass me any details about my previous complaint or a number of case for subject request. Virgin Media representant refused to execute what manager offering me to cancel the contract to solve the problem has said. The phone consultant asked his manager who was near him to intervene but the manager refused to provide any information, services etc. and referred me to the complaint system of ombudsman. Disgusting behavior for a manger of customer service, but thats what you have to deal with. On top of that when I asked for recorded call to provide it to the ombudsman he deleted my previous subject request form and issued a new one overriding the old one, refusing to provide me contact to anyone else.

Now I'm 7 months in contract without services I pay for every month. No competent customer service to deal with situation, even when fix is very simple. Offered solution on this forum was revoked by the manager in the call center.  Rude customer service on the phone refuses to help customer and tells me to contact ombudsman or whatever is below any standards.

As requested by VM Team I post it on forum so someone from VM Team 'maybe' can pick on it.

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