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Communication Error


I have just been on the phone for 70 minutes most of which was on hold and talking to 3 different departments in order to carry out the following actions.

My mother is dead. Done

The out of contract contract has been transferred in my name Done

I need to remove the land line completely from the account.

I wish to temporally keep the internet connection but at the slowest lowest cost to enable me to wind up her estate at her house.

I do not want a new contract.

I do not want to be offered an new package.

If my wishes are not carried out and confirmed within 48 hours, I will at my convenience not only close my late mothers account but mine also. 

I have more important things to do than for you to waste my time dealing with her estate. VM were quick to transfer the account to me so they would receive payments but can't seem to grasp my wishes. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi SH3user,

Thanks for posting, and very sorry to hear of your loss. 

In regards to the package and removing services, as this is changing the bundle it would cause a re-contract of the service, there is no way around this we're sorry. 

You can speak to the team on 150/ 0345 454 1111 and they can go through package options with you, or book a cancellation notice.


Oh dear! Not what the bereavement team told me a few days ago. I was told I could not change the package as I was not the account holder and I had to takeover the account first to make changes and there would be no new contract. Lies then!!!! I am currently on hold with disconnections as I stated I would do if the changes were not implemented as requested. I will also have my home VM account closed by the end of the year. Bye!

Took me approx 1 hour on the phone but my late mothers account will be closed after 30 days as I said earlier. My account is next.


Thank you for your reply SH3user.

Sorry to hear about your recent loss.

We would also hate to see you leave us. 

We are sure our team when you do call can persuade you to remain with us.



Too late. I no longer wish to waste my days on hold to deal with liars. I informed VM what I will do and am doing it.

I disconnected my V6 earlier this week in preparation for my account closure after my mothers funeral.


We are sorry to see you leave and are sorry for your loss. 

We hope you have a lovely weekend. Cheers

Matt - Forum Team

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