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Charged twice for broadband package

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Hi,I received a new bank card at the end of July. I proceeded to update my card details in my Virgin Media account before my Direct Debit payment for my broadband package 23rd July to 22nd August, which is set for the 11th of every month. At the time I updated my card details it asked for the bill to be paid in full, so the Direct Debit amount was debited from my bank account a day or two later. I thought that this was an early payment for my bill covering 23rd July to 22nd August. However, when the Direct Debit date arrived for my broadband package, money was debited again from my account. So I've now paid my July to August bill twice now. Help would be greatly appreciated!


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi m3rcuria1,

Thank you for your post. I'm very sorry to hear the payment for that bill has taken place. 

We do reach out to the bank a few days before the bill is due to taken to let them know we will be taking it. 

Once that is done, the payment will be taken even if the bill is paid via manual payment. 

We can look to see about refunding this payment to yourself if you would like. 

The 2nd payment would be on the account as credit meaning that it would come off the next bill if you prefer that to happen instead. 

What I will do is private message you now, if you wish to discuss the refund process further please do respond to that.