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Charged 1p for change of package

Received my bill this morning after having no broadband (again) for 20hrs and receiving an email about the forthcoming increases to my bill, under package changes I was being billed 1p. Not a problem, but I was curious as to what changes had been made, so I logged in and checked my statement. It said that I had cancelled my broadband package on the 17th June and then reinstated it on the 17th June. My only communication with Virgin was to report my Broadband down (again), unfortunately I only got as far as the pre-recorded message, which gave an estimate as to when it would come back on. I opted to register my account for compensation should it go for longer, (something incidentally that wasn't an option this time as they said "it is a complicated issue", with no estimated time). I can only think I am being charged to register for reimbursing rather than receiving anything. I might have said "(again)" too many times but honestly the downtimes are ridiculous to what it was in the days of 30Mb, never experienced a single drop out. Superfast but only when connected!!

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