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Changing package and bill payer query

Hi there,

My Dad is responsible for paying the VM bill in our household and is thinking of switching to Freeview. We are currently on a TV, Broadband and Phone package (Full House TV, M100 and Talk Weekends).

If he decides to go ahead with it, I have found a broadband, phone and SIM deal (one of the Oomph packages) that I am interested in and will be paying for.

I am assuming we will have to cancel our current package and get the new package which will then be in my name, and effectively Dad will no longer be a VM customer.

I have been reading some other threads about how the email address gets deleted within a certain amount of time when the broadband gets stopped, however as we will be keeping our broadband in the house but just changing the package and person paying, will this still be the case? (Its one of the old ntl ones!)

One last thing, will we be able to keep our current home phone number? We'd hate to change it, especially we have a dementia suffering relative who may struggle with a new number.

Sorry if that was a bit much! 

Many Thanks.

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Re: Changing package and bill payer query

Thanks for your post and welcome to the Community Forums, Solarlioness,


Yes it is possible to have the email details transferred over to the new account,  When registering for the online account it will give you the option to do so, or it may require a transfer of the details from the back end but it will require both parties to be on the phone at the same time to clear data protection policies.



Corey C

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