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Changing my service - Moved to a place where the service can't be installed


I recently moved and I'm currently between jobs and with very limited funds. I've got a broadband contract with you and there is no possibility to transfer it to my current address. I'm in a situation where I'm not able to use the service I'm still being charged for.

I don't really want to cancel my contract either, the difference between the penalty and what I'm paying now is too small. It would be simpler to just keep it as it is hoping I might be able to use it in some time.  I assume I'm not the only person in this kind of situation.

It certainly wont make me a satisfied customer or recommend your service.

I came up with a solution, I'm surprised its not there yet. I have 5 months of contract remaining.

Wouldn't that be better to adjust to customers needs and let people change/upgrade a service? Avoiding the penalty by choosing a different service of the same or higher cost and renewing the 12 month period instead?