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Changing account email address

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A week ago I wanted to change an email address password, only to discover VM have changed the process without sending out any communication on how the process works. However, I went through the steps to change my account email and almost lost the will to stay with VM after a conformation email never arrived, and a week later its still hasn't arrived. Nor any communication from VM other than we are putting prices up, when they fail big time, insult to injury.

So I thought of going through the process again, sadly cannot. 


Is it possible to send out this conformation email again?, or clear this pending process so I can start the process all again?. As my account is to go (and good riddance when it does) and a current email address is now assigned to my VM Account meaning, I cannot access that email either and I need access today or ASAP. 

Why on earth have the email and account passwords the same is good security practice remains a huge mystery. So, a few questions that require answers

Q1: Can we have different passwords to account and emails?

Q2: If not why? Using common sense and logic, having changed the account email successfully it's therefore possible to have different passwords.

All I will now say is that I am very vexed indeed!



Looking elsewhere on the forum, it appears to be the same issue as reported here

Can't reset my password - Virgin Media Community - 5421103

Hi @BigMal70,

What happens when you try to access the account exactly? Does an error message appear?


Zach - Forum Team
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Thanks for the reply Zach but I have also posted a new topic as I saw this was closed and one of your colleagues is helping me