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Changes to my package that I have not made

Received an email today that I have recently made a change to my package. The date of change is given as 25th October and my new monthly cost is £41.75

It says:

Thanks for making those changes to your Virgin Media package. You won't need to sign a new contract.
Quick recap of what you now enjoy:
Your new package now includes:
No new services have been added
We've removed:
TV: Player TV (M)
Phone: Line Rental - Talk Weekends - Fully Itemised Billing - Multi Talk 75
Here's how your changes affect your next bill:
Your next bill will be generated on 11th November 2019
Your next payment is due on 27th November 2019
Your new monthly bundle cost is: £41.75*.
Your next bill will be £33.25* which includes CR £8.50 to cover your changes up until your next bill period. There is also a one-off charge of 0.00 for installation or activation.


Thing is I have not made any changes since October 2019 when I agreed to this package, neither have I requested any changes and my contract was for a year for Basic TV, 50MB broadband and talk anytime - basically the Big Bundle package.

The Service Change receipt (for the service that I did not change) gave my internet speed at 70, however, when I look at my package under my account it shows 100.

I had a 1 year (minimum) contract for £27 with aguarantee of no price increase. I have been trying to get through someone to query this but ofcourse no one is available as the 2 people that VM employs in India are busy replying to the 15000 odd hopurly calls from irate VM customers. The mobile number that I have is useless as there is no answer and nothing on the website explains thee query. The only informatoin available on the website are the general ones that VM choose to display and possibly does not answer anyone's questions but makes VM look as if they care.

My bill is due in  a week or so and if I do not get any reply from VM, I shall be happy to stop payment and go with another provider as I was planning to do when they offered me this package to keep me.

All I want to know is what is this email and price all about?

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