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Changed contract without consent

Tuning in

Our package has been updated/changed without our consent. The worse thing is we've lost our land line and talk more anytime!!! Which I'm fuming with. When I try to dial any number on our land line, it just goes through to Virgin Media.

We seemed to have gained a kids package which we don't need.

On top of this, not only have we lost the land line and talk more anytime, Virgin want to put the bill up by £10 in February they say as we are on a "promotional offer" at the moment! We didn't ask for any of this and haven't contacted Virgin Media for a long time.

Not impressed with this at all and we just want the same package that we had before.

This is details of the email we've been sent:

Your new package now includes:

TV: Maxit TV - Kids Pick - Additional TV Box

We've removed:

TV: Mix TV
Phone: Line Rental - Talk More Anytime



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Andyj00,

A warm welcome and thanks for posting on our community forums. We're sorry to hear that your current package has been changed with and that you no longer have a working landline. We can certainly understand the disruption and frustration this issue has caused. 

We will certainly have a look at what has happened so we can make sense of your package change.

I will pop you over a private message to take some details and look into this further for you.

Kind regards Jodi. 


Hi Jodi

Thanks for your reply but I rang Virgin Media this morning to find out what is going on with my cut off land line.

The reason they said I lost the land line is because VM are no longer providing the land line in the same way. As a result, I need to have an engineer visit us and install a new superhub router. The land line will then connect into the router.

This is news to me and I had no idea the land line was going to be cut off. The call operator said I should have received emails but I have no emails about my land line being cut off.

Now I have to wait to 5th September for an engineer visit which is not really acceptable (also, I'm not sure how long the line has been cut off for). I'm paying for a service that I don't have.


Can I be compensated for this inconvenience?

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there Andyj00,

Rob is currently out of office so I've assigned this to get sorted.

I've dropped you a PM to discuss further.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Andyj00,

Thank you for joining me in a private chat and for clearing security, glad we were able to get to the bottom of your issue and now know you need to get your phone line Switchover completed, you can manage the appointment Via your Online Account.

If you need any further help in the meantime, please do not hesitate to reach back out.




Hi Andyj00,

Thanks for sending me a private message. Just a quick note to say I'm happy that you're compliant has now been resolved for you.

If you have any further issues in the future, please come back to us through this channel.

Kind regards Jodi.