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Change Account Ownership to wife

I have a transfer document completed, to transfer our account ownership into my wifes name. I've not sent off yet, as a few things are not clear:

Will we keep our same plan, or will it have to be a different one?

Will there be a change in monthly cost

Will there be down time without internet, while the transfer is happening? and if so, how long?

It says she will need to be on a minimum term contract, but its not clear how long this will be for

Will we need to confirm anything further before this happens, or will the transfer happen automatically, when the documents are received?

There is a £20 fee for this, it seems like it would be simpler for me to just cancel my account, and either get her to set up a new one, or shop around. If it's basically the same as setting up a new account, I'm not really seeing the benefit of transferring the account over vs cancelling and getting her to open a new account.


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Re: Change Account Ownership to wife


Same contract and plan with a minimum term of 18 months with no change of costs, there will be no down time as all VM will be doing is changing the name on the account. Once the documents are received will take 14 days to be completed, nothing else will need to be confirmed.

If you cancel your account then yes she will be able to sign up after your 30 days notice has been served.

Regards Mike

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