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Cant Log on!!!!

Hi all, please be gentle as this is my 1st post,

I have been with virgin for many years & have electronic billing, although I am yet to receive bill but they still always take the money Smiley Happy I have told them several times about this.....

my problem is I want to log on to my account.

I need an email & password to log on to view my bills. But cant log on as have have no bill to take the 'latest' info from, to reset my password!!!,  I used the bill info from my online banking & apparently it is incorrect!!! really getting frustrated. i'm going round in circles. do I have to wait to speak to someone or is there a way round this...

any help gratefully received.

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Re: Cant Log on!!!!

Unfortunately you'd be best ringing the billing team about this they should be able to help get you your information and a copy of a bill if you wished, or wait a few days for a forum team member to reply maybe they can send you an ebill not sure.
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Re: Cant Log on!!!!

Hi @eskimonell

Thanks for posting Smiley Happy

If you haven't already can you please pop back to our Care teams. As @RobertRyan91 mentioned, they are the ones who can get this sorted for you.

The reason behind this is because they need to clear security with you to get this updated.

You can contact them via 150 or 0345 454 1111 or via Webchat for any billing or package related queries where they can clear security with you.

Webchat can be contacted via the site online and you can speak to them if you prefer this option by choosing the Chat Online option:

E.G-Account and Billing > Manage Your Account Online

Keep us posted!

Forum Team

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