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Cannot set up new VM account as I still use old email as primary (and has an old account)

Hi, I've been happily using my old account for many years (since dial up days!) and it is still my primary account. I've just made the jump to VM for broadband/cable and I have an account number etc, engineer appointment scheduled in a week or so.  But, the system is getting very confused when I try to register as my email address is already associated with VM.  I have not been able to register my VM account, so I cannot see any details of order etc.

I accidentally though creating a new email address on my old account to a new username would help, but I just reversed that.  Now I cannot set up a new email address with using the same thinks it is already used but it is obviously not. 

Can someone from VM please help sort this out?  Phone lines are completely busy so no chance of speaking to someone.

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