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Cannot reset password or log in to my account


I have been trying to log into the TV go app but keeps saying credentials are incorrect. 

I then go to change my password and I fill out my security details and keep getting oops something went wrong.

I try logging into my virgin media account on the website no not there either.

I have tried different methods, so phone tablet etc, I have tried different browsers, I have tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it, I have cleared data on my browsers. 

i just do not know what to try next. I am fed up as been trying for weeks and getting no where and cannot use a service I am paying for.

Please help me.

many thanks


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Re: Cannot reset password or log in to my account

First things first I think, if you can't log into your virgin media account then something has got screwed up somewhere and you will need to phone and get that sorted, if your account is wrong then there is no way you will be able to access your TV Go app as the 2 are linked. I would phone at 8am and select the "I am leaving option" because the first thing they will want you to do is verify your account details, if they can't sort you they will connect you to someone who can.

Hope this helps.

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