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Cannot create myvirginmedia account

We had VM broadband installed in August. My daughter uses the internet

Engineer didnt bother to tell us about child lock.

 2 days later, found certain sites were child locked.

Tried to create an online account, go through all the creation forms, get to the turn off child lock bit, change them to off, click continue, receive an error message:

Screenshot_20190914-192651_Samsung Internet.jpg

I used web chat, who said they could turn off child lock (takes 24 hours to process), but would have to speak to phone team to sort the online account problem.

I called the team who said "we are aware of this, we have escalated this it will take 72 hours". I asked them to call my daughter when it was done as she is the one using the internet, this has never happened.

Well it is now a month since broadband was installed, I still cannot create an online account despite it emailing to say "i have turned child lock off", well it really isn't.

This is an utter joke, there are so many people complaining about this over the years, do you actually have any one qualified in web design, because it's clearly broken and you are doing your customers a disservice, as they cannot make a web account or one via your app.

I am unwilling to sit on the phone line for 2+ hours like last time, we've waited a month....

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