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Cannot arrange cabling relocation

Cannot seem to get through to arrange a cabling relocation, and I'm willing to do the majority myself! Web team are ignoring me, the social media team are ignoring me and your phone lines keep cutting off.

Long story short, I need to arrange a visit to relocate my cabling. It currently comes into the side of my house despite there being an omnibox on the front towards the other side. It actually needs to come in very close to where the existing omnixbox is.

Then, all I am after is some pre-cut and pre-terminated lengths so I can run under floorboards from a new media server point location, perhaps with two of your wall plates so i can chase the cable up the wall (like what new builds get).

In these COVID times very little time will need to be spent inside my property, if at all.

Don't particularly want to invoke the 'quit card' but I am out of contract and with the house being a shell if I am going to switch providers if my existing one won't help, then now is the time.

Thanks very much,

Long-suffering customer of 25 years.

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Re: Cannot arrange cabling relocation

Thanks for your post and for reaching out to the Community Forums, banjhiy,


Apologies that you have not been able to get in touch with us. Currently we aren't able to book visits due to the challenges in these unprecedented times, we need to apply a number of restrictions to home visits which will help us strike a balance between the health of our employees and the responsibility we have to keeping customers and our country connected during the current circumstances.



Corey C

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