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Cancelling broadband advice

Hey guys!

So I'm a student moving back home at the end of august and I wanted some advice on how to cancel my internet package. I opened the account 30th august 2018 so im im giving 30 days notice by calling tomorrow, but im nervous that I will cancel it too early then be left without internet for August! Does anyone have any advice for avoiding this? 

Also is there anything I should expect from them? Im a nervous person on the phone and would appreciate any information you have! I just dont want to risk getting charged or losing out on internet because I need it until the 19th august...

Thanks in advance, sorry for sounding childish I've never had to cancel something over the phone before!

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Re: Cancelling broadband advice

If you want it cancelled but the best use of it, considering you need it in August, you want to cancel on July 30th

That will likely take you to your minimum contract term anyways...

Personally Id say you sound pretty mature, asking the question ahead of time. Maybe its confidence you need not maturity? If so, you've done EXACTLY the right thing so TBF you need to realise you have a load of life skills and are more switched on than most on here...


As a Very Insightful Person, I'm here to share my knowledge. I don't work for Virgin Media.

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