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Cancelling an engineer appointment

Dialled in


Had a problem this morning, the broadband had completely stopped working (along with phone/tv as also connected to the hub now).

Called VM for help and they insisted their were no problems in the area and that an engineer would need to be booked, so she booked one.  Turns out it was a problem in the area and several nearby houses were affected.  Someone must have come and fixed it at the exchange box and no it's all working again.

My issue now on do I cancel the engineer visit?  None of the links sent to me for the booking take me to anything about the appointment and there is nothing about cancelling it there...and I can't get through on the phone now.  Can someone help?


Dialled in how do you cancel an engineer appointment?  Why is it so hard?

Hello tiger_1310.

Thanks for letting us know the fault is now fixed. On the other hand I am sorry to hear you haven't been able to cancel the appointment.

As this was caused by an area fault, any appointments get automatically cancelled.

I can check for you if you like. But you may also receive a text message advising its been cancelled on the mobile number that is linked to your account.