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Cancelling Virgin Media & Mobile

The trouble I have had in the past month/six weeks with Virgin has been absolutely mental.  Some clown cut my line on the day the World Cup began when installing Virgin to my next door neighbour.  Called up to inform them that my services weren't working and that I needed someone to come out and look at the issue.  I have Virgin supply my mobile as well, and have a decent amount of data with them each month (4gb), so streamed three or four games via my iPad before the problem was fixed.  Got told I was close to using my credit limit (not data allowance) and checked my account to see that I have managed to use an additional 4gb on top of my own 4gb of allowance, which they were billing me £55 for.

Now, given the fault was with Virgin, I phoned to say that I felt the additional charges were grossly unfair, only to be told that Virgin Mobile and Virgin Media are two separate entities, and I would need to take the case up with the Mobile team.  Was bounced backwards and forwards, getting to the point where I could tell which song would be on next whilst on hold.  

Got to the point where I told them I was cancelling, and whilst they couldn't wipe the debt with my mobile, they awarded my Media account a £55 credit, meaning that whilst I paid nearly £70 for my Mobile bill, I only paid pennies for my Media bill.

Went on holiday to Tunisia last week, had read before I went that data prices were pretty expensive and just to use the hotel WiFi .  I turned my phone on when we got to the hotel, in order to turn roaming off/switch flight mode on.  In the time it took to do that I used 3/4mb worth of data.  Didn't think much of it, only to come home and be landed with a bill of nearly £48 for those mb of data.

Called up last night and point blank told them that I would not be paying for that, that I was out of contract and to just cancel my account.  Got them to put me through to the Media team and done the exact same with my TV, phone and Broadband.  I realise I am cutting off my nose to spite my face but I am giving these clowns the best part of £130 a month, and the way they treat customers is frankly, an absolute disgrace.  I would encourage anyone I know never to go near Virgin for any services, a complete disgrace.

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Re: Cancelling Virgin Media & Mobile

Hi there AdamWee1988, welcome to our forums.


I'm sorry to hear you have been having these roaming charges.


If you are able to send me a private message with the following details I can take a look at this for you:


  • Your mobile number
  • The full name on the account
  • Confirm if you are the account holder



Nathan B

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