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Cancelling TV services and Upgrading Broadband due to rising costs

I don't know if this is the right place to post this but I recently received an e-mail, notifying me of a price increase from March. I don't really want to keep the TV service going as I mainly watch TV shows and movies through streaming services these days, all of which need paying for too. I'm on a low income due to Universal Credit, not to mention having other bills I need to pay each month.

I've also discovered I'm actually on a lower Broadband package than I thought I was (M200), so would like to upgrade to M600, as your website says I'm able to get it in my area.

As I'm Autistic, I'm very uncomfortable using the phone to talk to anyone, so I've tried reaching out through Twitter and the text messaging service. However, I don't seem to be getting anywhere. The bot on the messaging service just keeps telling me it's putting me in a queue to contact an actual agent and that this could take 4 hours. But that time keeps coming and going and still no response. Please, can someone help me?

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Re: Cancelling TV services and Upgrading Broadband due to rising costs

Hi JohnWMentor, 


Thank you for reaching out to us here on the Community. 


I am very sorry for the delays in reaching the team, I appreciate this must be frustrating. 


I would be happy to help so I am going to pop you over a private message now. This message will be available via the purple envelope on the top right of this page. 


Speak soon, 



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