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Cancelled my contract



Not sure if this gets picked up but here it goes,


On the 4th of May I called up to cancel my contract as its comming to an end and I will be moving away, done and done, but a few days ago i got an email from VM that my contract is comming to an end and the new price will be X amount.

I thought surely its nothing, but today I got another email saying that there is a new price and I will need to pay on the 5th of June.

Also the manager called me the 2nd day to try to get me to stay, same thing I told him as I told a previous day that I will be moving away and I cannot get VM there as it does not support the site.

Can someone pick this up and let me know as well if I need to do something or not?

P.S: the lady said that I will receive a pre-paid bag to put the VM equippment and send it back.

Thank you

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Re: Cancelled my contract

Hi N3philim


Thank you for getting in touch. 


We can definitely double check this for you.


As I am going to need to ask some account specific question I will pop you over a private message now.

This message will be available via the purple envelope on the top right of this page.


Speak soon, 


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