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Cancelled my contract but received no final bill and have been charged for a month as normal...

I called Virgin Media at the end of May (probably around 26th May but I can't remember exactly) to let them know I'd be moving out of my property on 30th June and that I needed to cancel. The woman on the phone said this would be fine and that I'd be charged a cancellation fee of around £11. Ok, no problem. I gave them over 30 days notice just like Virgin prefers. 

A few days ago I received a bill of £25 for the month of July-August. This is very strange because the woman on the phone said my services would be disconnected on 30 June and I received an email and text confirming the services would be disconnected (although they didn't state on which date). Nowhere on this bill did it state it's a "final bill" which makes me worried I'll be charged another £25 a month after this bill.

I can't call Virgin Media right now as I'm in the process of moving I can only call them a few days from now but I thought I'd post this in case anyone can help. Has anyone else gone through this? Will this be resolved quickly if I call or will the process be difficult? I'm worried Virgin will keep billing me and I can't cancel my direct debit because I don't want them to ruin my credit rating. 

I haven't sent my equipment back yet - will be doing so on 30th June. 


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Re: Cancelled my contract but received no final bill and have been charged for a month as normal...

Hi @dmb788


Welcome to the forum page and thanks for posting this on here. 

Sorry to hear you're having some issues but we can certainly look into this for you. 



I will pop you over a PM so we can get your account looked into. 


Please look out for the purple envelope at the top right hand corner of your page as this will take you to PM's. 



Sasha - Forum Team

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