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Cancelled my BT order

Tuning in


Can anyone sort this mess out . I have set up with BT to leave virgin media on the 30th October and be set up with BT on the 31st.

I gave plenty of information and instructions to this . Now I find not only you tried to give me a new contract package . You've managed to cancel my order with BT .

So I'm not happy ,as I've just had to communicate with BT ,to let them know I will be joining them. So thanks for really messing this up for me . 

So now I want to know what the hell is going on.


Paul West 



Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for your post on our Community Forums @paolo2, and I'm sorry to hear of the issues with the cancelling of the Virgin Media services, to then set up with BT.

I'm not sure I quite follow, how and why the order with BT would be cancelled - other than perhaps a landline porting being cancelled, I'd expect the installation of the services with BT to still go ahead.

Check out the envelope in the top right hand corner and I can at least look into the pending cancellation of the Virgin Media subscription.