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Cancelled contract and still being chased for payments that I do not owe.

Tuning in

On March 16th 2023, I notified VM that I was cancelling my contract with them after over 20 years as a customer of theirs.  This notification was within the cancellation period regarding the increase in costs, and I gave them plenty of notice as after an additional call back to them, I required their services no longer after the 30th April 2023.

On the 26th April 2023, my new supplier completed their install and therefore we no longer made use of the VM tv, broadband or phone.  The phone number was going to be ported over, which VM were fully aware of on a number of phone calls that I had with them right from the 16th March and onwards, but what do you know?... this number was only finally ported and fully accessible by us on the 20th June 2023!

However, our final payment to VM was on the 30th April 2023 which included all charges for the whole month of April and guess what?  That's right, VM have been harassing us for more money since then! We owe you no more money and in fact you owe us money for deliberately not port forwarding our phone number sooner!  By the way, each bill you email through is completely different to the last one as if you are just pulling a number out of the air!

I now require someone, here in the UK to speak to about your incorrect billing but it seems that is impossible to achieve.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey janjj,

Welcome to the community and thanks for taking the time to post here on the forums.
I’m sorry to hear of the issues that you’re since you cancelled your services, I can see that you have spoken to the team about the issues this morning and they are looking into the issues with their team leader at the moment, did they advise that they would come back to you once they have resolved the problems.

Regarding your port out, the process is lead by the gaining operator and we would have ported the number out or accepted the orders on the date(s) that were given to us by your new provider. I can see from the records on our system that your new provider changed your porting request numerous times before actually completing the work, Virgin Media have no control over the dates given and changes made by the operator requesting your number. I can give you further details of your order, that you may wish to discuss with your new provider to provide more detail on the problems from their side, if you'd like me to confirm more information about the process from the Virgin Media side, we can do that but we would need to do so via a private message as we cannot discuss some details in the public forum.  

Kind Regards,