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Cancelled Services

So I've decided to cancel my virgin services.  I've had cable since United Artists ran the first fibre service for TV in the early 90s with dial up internet.  Stayed with them when it became Telewest and then Virgin.  We moved home and we stayed with Virgin.

I've now finally decided to cancel my services.  I'm so disappointed.  I have been out of contract since September paying 50% more than what I had been paying for the previous contract.  I looked at new customer deals and their offer is £49.99 for M500, Talk weekends and a 15GB SIM on an 18month contract (No TV).  The best virgin could do was £56 without the SIM and that was after 2.5 hours on the phone talking to 4 different people.  Add the SIM back on and we hit £62.  That's £216 more than a new customer.

Looking at it logically: I am a loyal customer, I pay my bill in full every time, I allow my contract to lapse so you get more money from and I have passed a credit check and you have proven history.

A new customer has no payment history.  They have a credit check that even if passed is unreliable due to the changing circumstances of covid.  they have already proven to be disloyal as they are leaving their supplier and so may do the same to you in 18 months.

Its sad.  if she said £56 with a SIM card or £50 without the SIM card I would probably have said yes.  but no.  they would rather I leave and get a deal with Virgin business (a separate company using their lines meaning the same speeds with less slow down at peak times) or go BT system or a 5G SIM card.

They tried to claim that I couldn't take out a new contract in a different name as I would have to wait 6 months as the credit check would show that person living here during the old contract.

They really don't want my business after 30 years of paying for it.

Go figure.  Once 5G broadband is available they will struggle and now that BT and Hyperoptic and City Fibre are doing Fibre to the Premises in Newcastle they will have difficulty.

Feel free to call me anytime Virgin.  I leave on 6th March 2021.

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