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Joining in

I have cancelled my virgin broadband and have a confirmation email saying my contract ends on the 26th August (after 30 days notice)

However I have received another bill for 29th August to 28th September

Why is this so?

Cannot get through to virgin media to discuss this and was on the phone for 2 hours to cancel my contract. 

Have emailed CEO, but no response



Alessandro Volta

VM continues to bill you, as per normal, right up until the day you are disconnected.

Depending on when your direct debit goes out, and the period covered by each bill, you may receive a bill, as normal, during the disconnection period.

Once you are disconnected, you should receive a final bill soon after with the final balance on the account. If you owe VM money then you pay that final bill and leave. If VM owes you money then they refund you (though not necessarily quickly and possibly via a cheque).