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Could someone from Virgin Media please do me the courtesy of confirming I have NOT renewed my contract, which ended on 9th January 2020 and I am now an ex-customer.  The silence from you has been deafening and I've now given up talking to customer services. I was sent a nonsensical 'new' contract on 6th December (the day I gave you 30 days notice) claiming 'changes will take effect on 17th January' (no they won't, my contract ended on the 9th) then I got a new bill on 2nd January for £68.55 and apparently on 4th Feb, you'd like £108.28! The phone line/broadband was switched over to the new supplier on the 9th, after which I was assured in my third (or possibly 4th) phone call, I would hear from you.  I've unplugged all Virgin Media equipment and put it in the garage as I was told I had to return all of it (2 Tivo boxes and a modem; please note, as I have repeatedly told you, I STILL do NOT have a V6 box, despite what the contract says) and would like a final, sensible,bill as soon as possible please so I can cancel my direct debit and wander off into the distance, Virgin-free after 20 years.  Yours, in utter frustration, Diane 😬

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Forum Team
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Re: Cancellation

Hi DiCycles,


Thanks for posting and I am sorry to hear that firstly you've left Virgin Media and secondly for any cancellation confusion.


Let me help you sort this out via PM so we can discuss the account securely.


Kind regards,

Forum Team

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