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Cancellation nightmare

Trying to cancel is a nightmare after 2hrs 45min still not managed it below is my correspondents with them 


This was my effort today they are a nightmare

My contract ends 21 November do i need to give notice to cancel My broadband T and Phone package


 at 17:47, Oct 19:



Good Afternoon! Thank you for contacting the Web Messenger team, Apologies for the wait time and inconvenience caused. I've got your query and I'll help you with it, in order to do this, I just need to get a few details. To begin with, please help me with the following :

1. Account number

2. Name on the account

3. Confirm if you're the account holder


 at 17:50, Oct 19:

60xxxxx02 Brian Race i am the account holder


 at 17:52, Oct 19:



Thank you Brian. Have you already spoken with anybody from our office if they were able to offer you a new contract?



I found the account. I will now confirm the security checks on your account so that I can access it.

Can I take the 1st , 2nd and 4th characters of the secure password please?

The password I require is the one you quote whenever you call to speak to our team and not the password you use to access and view your bills or online account. I will send you a secure form to enter these details.



Tania has sent you a Secure Form: [Cable] Security answer request


 at 17:55, Oct 19:

no can.t get anybody to respond as i have had really bad Wi-Fi for months and can't get it sorted after doing every test possible



 at 17:57, Oct 19:



I'll try checking if there's anything good to offer on your account before I pass you to our cancellations team.

And thank you for that. You're in! To keep your account information safe, we recommend deleting the text/conversation history after the chat and please use the secured forms next time.



I'll be right back



At the moment on your account the lowest deal we have is for

£60 , for the same broadband,  ( the top pack) and talk weekends phone. it's a discounted price from £82.00



But I couldn't find anything lower 




 at 18:05, Oct 19:

that's not the issue its the Wi-Fi its so bad at night I'm down to less than 1Mbps and still not getting resolved after months of trying


 at 18:38, Oct 19:

It's been 30 minutes now are you passing me to your cancellations team


 at 19:00, Oct 19:

Is there anybody there it's now been one hour since you last communicated


 at 19:09, Oct 19:



Good evening Brian,

You are through to . I can see that you have contacted us in regards to your package. I can certainly look into the account details and help you on this.


 at 19:11, Oct 19:


It's the bad Wi-Fi that's the problem


 at 19:15, Oct 19:



I just wanted to let you know that I am going to be away from my desk for 15 minutes on my break. As we have not yet resolved your enquiry I am going to keep hold of it so I do not have to pass you to someone else. As soon as I’m back I will pick up the conversation where I left off. Don’t worry we will get everything resolved for you as quickly as possible. Thank you so much for your patience just keep the chat open and I’ll be back soon.


 at 19:29, Oct 19:



Hi I am back.


 at 19:29, Oct 19:


Are you the cancellation team


 at 19:31, Oct 19:



I am from the Billing team.

Would you mind me asking for what purposes you use the internet for?


 at 19:34, Oct 19:

Have you read the above my Wi-Fi goes down to Below 1 Mbps at night and i am now

Fed up


 at 19:35, Oct 19:



Please stay connected while I am transferring you to our customer relations team who has the access to cancel your services and after a 30 days notice, your account will get disconnected completely.



We are just about to transfer you to our Customer Relations Team. Due to the current situation with Covid we have a greatly reduced volume of people to support our customers. We are working hard to help as many customers as possible but you may have a significant delay. Please keep your chat open and we will get to you as quickly as we possibly can.


 at 19:36, Oct 19:

Hello you’re through to the Customer Relations Messenger Team. Our opening times are 10am until 6pm, Monday to Saturday. We have your query and member of our dedicated team will be with you as quickly as possible. As this is a digital platform, responses will not always been instant allowing you to also carry on with your day. Thank you


 at 19:36, Oct 19:

Surfacing is like watching paint dry

Why have i been put through to you when you are closed


 at 19:45, Oct 19:

I am giving you notice that i will cancel my payments ON "21 NOVEMBER and will paste and copy the whole of this conversation as proof you take no notice to what i am trying to achieve


From <>

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