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Cancel contract, moving home

Joining in

I'm at my wits end! My contract ends 27th July. My tenancy ended on 7th July, due to landlord selling.  My parents live in Cumbria, where I'm having to move to. Virgin don't cover the area so I have no other option but to cancel. I logged into my account on 26th June, 31 days notice, selected moving home. Directed to online chat, answered all BOT questions. Message saying transferring to an agent. On hold over 1hr until 9pm closing. Tried again 27th, same scenario, on hold over 2hrs. Tried again 29th at lunch time, thought surely an agent would be available between then and 9pm. On hold for over 8hrs. Kept being asked if I wanted to continue holding, kept selecting yes. Same questions over and over. Timed out 9pm. I have screenshots to prove I tried from 26th June.

Looked at reviews about Virgin Media and replies suggested WhatsApp. Tried that, on hold over 2 days waiting for an agent.

I've never had to telephone as not experienced any problems until now. Therefore I don't have a telephone password or memorable information. 

I've written to the Sunderland address provided for cancellations. The letter was signed for at 2.15pm on 8th July.

I haven't received any notification that my contract will be cancelled when it comes to and end on 27th July.

The stress and frustration, not being able to simply cancel an end of term contract is causing me sleepless nights. I cannot afford to pay for a contract I am no longer able to keep. I should not be charged any extra after the end of my current term through no fault of my own, because no agents are ever available. I tried to give the required notice.

After reading reviews this is a common problem and replies always state this isn't the level of service Virgin wish to provide. If that's the case why are there so many people enduring the same frustration with nothing changing?

Please can someone from Virgin help.


Alessandro Volta

If you log into 'My Virgin Media' do you see any 'orders' placed in the orders and appointments section? Cancellations sometimes appear there once they are in progress. You may also be interested in the info below ref the difficult process of cancelling with VM

Refer to this topic where OFCOM has begun an investigation into VM's difficult cancellation processes

You may wish to share your experience with the OFCOM investigation.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi AbsJ,

Thank you for your post and welcome to the community. 

I'm very sorry to hear about the issue you've had in requesting the cancellation. 

I am happy to take a look on the account to see if that has been processed for you. 

I will private message you now to confirm your details.