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Cancel broadband, tv and phone

Sent a registered letter to customer services on 2nd Feb 2021 after recent price increase and very poor broadband service, cancelling my contract. Have had no reply. Phoning to cancel I keep getting cut off. What do I do?

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Re: Cancel broadband, tv and phone

When did the letter get signed for by Virgin ?

I would say its 30 days from the day they received it, keep hold of the proof of postage and remove the direct debit BUT make sure your bills covering the period of use and up to the final date of the notice period have been paid (check this by looking at most recent bill, it will state the period covered.)

You can also check in the order tracking area of your My Virgin Media portal to see if any orders are processing, for me giving notice looked like this (however this wasn't by mail)

30 Day Notice Tracking.30 Day Notice Tracking.

If I've helped let me know 🙂

10 year's managing 9 Virgin Media accounts, and things never got any better, closed last 4 accounts since January 2021 :L

I give 'my' experience to help where possible.
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