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Can't view bill because "secondary account"

Hello, After moving into my own property I have had virgin install the broadband service, which I have been using for about 3 months now.
Problem is, I get an email saying that I can view my bill online, so I click the link for that.
I then enter my account details in order to log-in.
I am then prompted with "You don't have access to billing information. Only the main account holder can view billing info." ....I can only assume this is because in my last residence, it was a secondary account I was using, but now this is the email tied to my own virgin package, none of the FAQ seem to mention how to resolve this, could phone up support, but my social anxiety makes it difficult to do this, and live chat seems to be "unavailable" right  now.
Anybody else had similar problems or any idea how to resolve this ?

Thanks for any help
- Jamie.

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Re: Can't view bill because "secondary account"

could use this will show the primary account linked to the account.

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