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Can't register for My VirginMedia

Dialled in

As the customer service I've received for the last 3 weeks is frankly appalling and has ended with me being asked to post here I can't be bothered to explain everything again for the 100th time!

Someone from VM please read this thread and tell me when my problem will be resolved and how a WiFi booster was the fix for my complaint.


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All sorted. Sam from the Exec Team has managed to make exactly what I said needed to happen 5 months ago, happen, in 3 days!

Note to forum team: There are people with the tools and knowledge within VirginMedia's IT team to move legacy email addresses between accounts, and it takes less than a day between security being passed on the old account and it being up and running on the "new" one.

What a mess this whole process has been but it's finally sorted!


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Dialled in

Decided to add a little detail as it's not anyone on here's fault that CS on the phone and social media have been useless!

New install on late September, when order was placed using my legacy NTLworld account created behind parents (still active) account many years ago I asked if this would be an issue. Was told no problem.

Come install and trying to register for My Virgin Media it doesn't work, just keeps giving me limited info for the other account, can't register a different email address as it wants the email address that the order was placed with.

Spoke to CS several times culminating in IT ticket being raised on 08/11/22 - which was escalated on 15/11/22 when I also raised a complaint about how long this was taking.

Still no updates, nowhere nearer a solution and resolutions team emailed yesterday to tell me their resolution to the complaint was to send a WiFi booster!

All I need is the right person with the right access to the back office systems to change the account that the email address is related to, the back office systems can't be that flawed that this is impossible or that it takes nearly a month to do!

Hi MattE1984,

Thanks for posting about this on our forums, I am sorry you're having an issue registering for your Online Account and for the trouble you've had with getting it sorted.

So just to clarify that I understand the main issue -

You signed up in September using an NTL email that is attached to your parents active account. I understand you were told this wouldn't be a problem at the time, but this hasn't been the case unfortunately.

But you are happy to use a new email address to register, which we can try to do on our side. 

Please confirm if this is what you'd like to do 🙂




Hi Megan,

Correct, and I've been told since it's still not a problem just needs IT to sort, hence the IT ticket which has been open since 08/11/22.

No, I am not happy to register another email address to make up for flaws in VirginMedia's systems. I tried to do this as part of troubleshooting.

The solution is really straight forward or should be as there must be a database table somewhere in the back office system that links that email address as a secondary on that account, this record needs deleting or amending to my new account.



Hi Matthew, 

Thanks for coming back to us on this one. I am sorry that no one has explained things further for you. 

When there is an account that has an email on, if this is cancelled or closed and a new one is opened later on then we can do a move and transfer which basically moves any email addresses connected to the old account to the new account however there is some criteria for this. One of these being that the accounts need to be in the same name. 

As you've mentioned the email address you're wanting to use was created as a secondary email on your parents Virgin Media account, moving this to your new account won't be possible. There are 2 reasons for this. 1 - The main account isn't in your name and 2 - The account is still active. 

The IT Ticket will eventually fail and close as we're not able to move the email address over to your new Virgin Media account. 

You will need to use a different, non VM email address to register for My VM. 

Apologies for any inconvenience. 


Forum Team

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Hi Kath,

Then your back-office system is fundamentally flawed, and I suggest you hire some better developers!

That is not an acceptable resolution after nearly a month of being messed around and various people telling me it was possible, complaints offering a wifi booster to solve it etc.

It's a database record with a link, it can be fixed by someone with the right knowledge and access. I can happily arrange for approval from someone with security access to the other account as I have that. I don't have nor do I want to administer another email address to deal with flaws in your systems.

I am sorry @MattE1984


I do appreciate the frustration, however what Kath said is correct, we won't be able to transfer this.


If you would like us to raise a complaint so you can follow our code of practice, please let us know and we can help with this.


I have included this here for convenience. 


Please pop back to us when you can. 

Vikki - Forum Team

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Hi Vikki

You might not be able to, but there will be someone within VirginMedia with the skills and tools to do so, I'm pretty certain of that given that mailbox has been migrated from NTL servers to GMail to VirginMedia servers during it's existence, so it's direct link to the account by now should be tenuous at best.

The correct time to tell me I couldn't do this was at placing the order, maybe the day after install when I couldn't administer the account. Not 2 months later, too many people have said it can be done now for it not to be the best course of action to find a solution. As otherwise I've been mis sold as I specifically asked about this during the purchase and would be looking to exit the agreement I was induced to enter based on false information, which would get expensive for VM as there are holes in my house you would be obliged to rectify.

In addition to that agreement which will be exited should this not be resolved to my satisfaction, there is that other account of my parents which I look after, the VMB lines into the company I'm responsible for the IT at which will be exited as soon as possible the impact to VirginMedia through this atrocious customer experience will be circa £10k p.a.

I already have a complaint raised; resolutions offered me a WiFi booster so not really sure they might actually do?! I'm happy to discuss that complaint via DM?

Hi @MattE1984


I will send you a private message now so we can discuss this securely.


Please look out for the purple envelope in the top right of the page and pop me a reply when you can. 

Vikki - Forum Team

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Hi @Vikki_M or anyone else from VM!

It's been two weeks now since this was escalated and I had one message from @Hetty_R which I promptly replied to, since then I've heard nothing and Hetty hasn't been online since my first chase message so a second seems futile.

What is happening regarding my complaint?