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Can't cash cheque closed account

Tuning in

There is a complicated issue that Virgin doesn't seem to understand at all, since we've been dealing with it now for two months.

We rent a place where the internet was set up by a previous renter (who we don't know) and we wanted to go to another company. When we finally were able to do this after explaining the situation, we had to pay for the whole month in advance, even though it was going to be disconnected for half the month. They told us they would send us a cheque with the money they need to credit to us, and so after waiting a long long time, it arrived.

The problem is... this cheque is under the name of this previous renter, which was the account holder, even though we were the ones paying for it (it wasn't billed to our accounts, but instead just went in every month to make the payment). I'm trying to explain that I can prove that it was me that made that last payment with a bank statement they can check, so they can send me the cheque under my name, but they're telling me to write a letter, which is well, not very convenient in 2023.

Can I please get any advice on what to do since no one seems to be actually trying to solve our problem?


Alessandro Volta

@anaalonso wrote:

There is a complicated issue that Virgin doesn't seem to understand at all, since we've been dealing with it now for two months.


Complicated in some respects but uncomplicated in others.

If I have understood correctly, VM's contractual relationship was with the previous renter. You have been paying the bill for an account belonging to someone else. You have no contractual agreement with VM, nor do you know the previous renter. VM could tie itself up in all kinds of data protection knots by discussing account info/payments with a third party unconnected to the account.

Best you might hope for is to get a credit back to the account from where the payments were made. VM's account closure and refund processes are often complained about on here (even for actual customers with a VM contract) so no idea if the suggestion is feasible or not for the scenario you have described.

The VM forum team will reply here within a few days and will advise.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for your post on our Community Forums @anaalonso, and a very warm welcome to you!

Sorry to hear of the issues you've faced when attempting to obtain the refund.

The advice from @goslow is correct and we would have to advise that refunds can only be issued to the name account holder on the account.

What should have happened is that the former tenant cancelled the services when they left and then allowed you to simply sign up and obtain a new customer deal.

Or alternatively, that you signed up for a deal in your own name, whilst also informing us of the absence of the account holder at that address - in which a 'Gone Away' form could have been raised to then allow you to open up your own account.

In short, the bills you've paid haven't been in your name, and therefore the refund can't then be placed in your name.

Kindest regards,


Thanks both for your answer.

What can be done about it then? As I can prove I paid this receipt under my name and my bank account and I want my money back for service that you haven't provided for half a month. 

Thanks for coming back to us @anaalonso.

Do you have any contact with the account holder at all?

My only suggestion would be to receive the cheque in their name and request they cash it and refund you.

Kindest regards,


Hey David,

we don't have any contact with this person at all and landlord can't share it...

I'm sorry to hear this @anaalonso unfortunately the cheque can only be sent in the account holders name as they are the one legally responsible for the account. 


We are very sorry about this but it would be the account holder that would need to cash this and arrange for any funds to be returned to you. 


Thank you.