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Can't Register Account


I moved into a new home 3 weeks ago and had VM installed which is all up and running, no issues there.

However, I have been unable to register my account - I suspect this is because I was a previous customer some years ago (different area code) and my new / old details are creating a conflict.

I have spoken to tech support 3 times and each time they tell me an IT ticket has been raised and I will be able to register in 3-5 working days but this never happens.

I've seen similar posts here and an admin has stepped in and resolved the problem. Hoping that will happen for me too!

For info, I have been trying to register with my preferred email address (which was also used for my old account) but get the following error messages:

1. Some information is missing or incorrectly entered. Please check below and try again.

2. Sorry, this username is not available. Please enter another username and try again.

I have tried using a different email address (which would not be ideal) and that gets me to the Web Safe page. After selecting preferences there, I then get the following error:

We are not able to set up your my Virgin Media account at the moment. Please try again later, or you can also set up your my Virgin Media account at the time of your broadband installation. We are looking forward to connecting you to your superfast broadband.

Interestingly, when registering for the community (using my preferred primary email address), the verification email was not coming through. So, I had to use a different email address on my profile just to post this message.

This is a really poor show from VM - you're leaving customers in the lurch here. Spending hours chasing is the last thing you need when you've just moved home!

Hoping someone can get this resolved for me soon.

Thanks in advance

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