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Can someone explain what Volt 350 Mbps is?

Joining in

I joined virgin in December on a package offering m350 for £33pm. I did so on the understanding that when Volt benefits applied it would be boosted to m500.

They messed the application of Volt up. And I ended up with m250 boosted to m350 for £57pm (?!?).

I’ve managed to negotiate it back down to £33 a month - but my app still shows m250 boosted to 350 and the bill stated Volt 350.

Is Volt 350 the m250 boosted or is it the 350 prior to it being boosted? My speed test is coming in at 383mbps.


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It's M250 volted up to 350. Don't forget the doubling of data on the O2 sim too. 

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @vilas01 thanks for your post, although I'm sorry to hear of your concerns raised regarding your Volt bundle.

If it was M350 before the Volt benefits were applied, then your boosted Volt speed should be 500mbps.

Do you have a confirmation email confirming the contract was M350 when you joined?

Many thanks


Hello, the same thing happened to me. My contract makes no mention of it, and no one has been informed that this is what they are doing. What's more, I didn't even have an O2 account at the address where VM was located. And now that I have an O2, I'm told that my account is already using Volt, the O2's speed booster. It's unfortunate that no one at Virgin Media notified me of this and that it was done without my knowledge. Also, I wonder whether it's a coincidence since Virgin only keeps recordings for six months that this was done without my knowledge.

Hi @Kahn_1 👋.

Thanks for reaching out to us.

The best way to describe Volt, is a package that combines the best of Media and Mobile together. This is done as a way to offer you perks and privileges as well as a reduction in your bundle, you can find more information on this here 👉 You have the option to opt out of Volt if you so wish as part of the 14 Day Cooling off period, that is where you can renegotiate your contract without a Volt Sim attached to it. Please keep in touch regarding this and if you need further assistance.