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Re: Calls dropped by customer service

HI Kam12345

I appreciate you popping by with your post to us about the contact options for our Retention's teams

We are aware of system issues that affected these teams on Saturday for most of the day and my apologies that this affected your experience.

It has since been resolved and I can see you did call us not long after and updated the options you were looking for with our team.s

Please be aware if you are on any kind of deal with them that is time limited E.G 12 months, we do not notify you when this ends.

The email contract you will have been sent if you have renewed an offer with us contains details of the post discount prices for you.

Please keep that for your reference.

I'm also sending a PM to you that you can find on the top left hand side in the purple envelope so we can log your unhappiness with the experience.

If you can get back to me on this that would be great.

Forum Team

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