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Called to cancel previous cancellation now being offered higher prices?

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I called to cancel a few weeks ago and was offered a price of around £27 a month with downgrading the broadband too. Decided to cancel anyway due to cashback elsewhere.

I've had issues setting up elsewhere so called back virgin to reinstate it and now he's said the best is £34 a month.  Any ideas why this would be?  It seems ridiculous that the offer was so much higher this time just for broadband.


Alessandro Volta

If you get an offer from VM on the phone you should consider it to be 'of the moment'. Phone back again later on and chances are the same offer will not be there.

VM's pricing is based on offering discounts on bundles of services. For example, many take broadband and phone as it can be cheaper than broadband alone during the minimum contract period.

This is advantageous to customers during the minimum contract period but, for those customers who do not renegotiate and renew at the end of the minimum term, they can find their package price jumps up to a much higher standard level as the bundle will be priced higher later on as it still includes those unwanted services but at the higher standard monthly price after the minimum term.