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Called to cancel, forced to pay an extra month and early disconnection fee (out of contract)

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My contract ran out march 2023 and let it stay on a rolling one as had housing til August 17th. 

I rang in June to set up cancellation for mid august (more than 31+ days from next bill) and was told nothing could be done until 13th July (within 30 days of when I wanted to cancel and next bill). So I rang back as advised on the 13th and couldn’t get through, proceeded to do so for a few days following then decided to go through chat option as I couldn’t get anyone on the phone. 

I was told on the chat that I would be charged an early disconnection fee, I was annoyed but I was informed it was only around £2 so I let it slide. 

So my services quit on the 12th however I got an email through saying that I was being charged the £70 odd that I usually do for services running 13th August - 12th September. 

Surely this is a mistake as how can I be made to pay for services that I am not receiving as well as a cancellation fee. 

Any help appreciated


Many Thanks,



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Slawther,

Thank you for your post. I'm sorry for any confusion with the cancellation of the account and the billing. 

I am more than happy to check the account with regards to the billing and advise on this. 

I will private message you now to confirm your details.