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I would like to draw someone in Virgin Media attention about my complaint of the wrong contract package cost and credit back amount.



I have joined Virgin Media by April 2021. At that time, I chose the M600 fibre Broadband plan with Virgin TV, Phone and Oomph Unlimited data SIM. The package cost is £89 per month and the contract period until Nov, 2022.


However, when I moved my home by early Aug. The package cost rise to £232.05 per month. I have called to hotline and live chat many times that I didn’t change my package and just move the home only.


Asked for help history from Called hotline/ live chat

I called them on

  • 22nd Jul which I got the confirmation for new price. But I call to them it is incorrect and the customer service confirmed me the price will change back to £89 per month to me.
  • 25th Aug – the “first” bill sent to me. The amount is £432.52 (included two months package price plus the moving home administrative cost. I called the hotline again this is wrong and they confirmed me again will change back to £89 per month in coming 24hours. But nothing happened.
  • I kept calling the hotline and live chat on 27th Aug, 31st Aug, 2nd Sep , 8th Sep. All of Custom Service staff in Virgin Media team said they will update the plan in coming 24-72hours… I trusted them and again, nothing happened.
  • 10th Sep, 2021 – I called to the hotline and this time, the guy confirmed that he will change the contract back £89 to me. Since the bank have been deducted the £423.52. He also confirmed me the extra amount will credit back to me. The “first” month bill should be £198 (£89+£89+£20) only.



Finally, Virgin media have changed the contract package cost but still incorrect. Right now is £140 per month and the credit back amount is incorrect as well. For the package price, I found that they missed to give me back the promotional offer – Welcome Offer 18 Months Discount (until 16th Nov, 2022). Also, I don’t know why there still have £1 different after deducted the promotional offer. Also, I have no idea how to calculate the credit back amount. They only credit back £76.71 to me.


Actions Request for Virgin Media

  1. Give me back the “Welcome offer discount £50 per month until 16th Nov, 2022. And the correct package price is £89 per month.
  2. Correct back the credit amount. It should be £423.52 - £198 = £225.52.


Honestly, I am very disappointed in this case. I called to Virgin Media so many times. However, up to this moment, all the things still incorrect. Also, the charge in Virgin Media is ridiculous and unreasonable.


Does anyone can help to advise how I can escalate this issue to the right person in Virgin Media? Please help~!!!! Thanks!

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Thanks for your post and welcome to the Community Forums, Stephenkss,


Sorry to hear that you have been having billing issues. I have sent you a private message to confirm your account details. So we can take a look at your bills.



Corey C

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