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Breach of terms of contract

Tuning in

Last week I was chatting with a VM agent asking about cost of adding sky sports to my current package and without my request or consent that was added to my account and the agent left the chat. Next day I complained and another agent confirmed it was wrong and he will raise it to his manager, get the extra charge VM has put on my account cancelled , will get some “credit” as a good will gesture and will call back in 24/48 hours. Guess what.. I had to call back only to talk to another person who absolutely did not give a damn about the seriousness of the situation. I got a call back next day to inform … “we are truly sorry and we take these matters very seriously.. thanks”..

you guys are taking it very lightly.. this is a serious breach of trust as well as contract and I should at least see my charge reverted with some compensation for the time I lost, mental pain it costed me.