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Booster Contract Issue


I need to start working from home for the NHS and wanted to turn my spare room into a quiet workplace. Connectivity is poor and the app suggested I get a booster. The links kept crashing and eventually I got through to someone on an app that said they would put one in the post. I then got an email saying that I had changed my package, but that I wouldn't 'have to sign a new contract'. The attached receipt said that my 12 month contract had reset, and that I would be due a price hike in July '20.

I'm pretty cross about this. No mention of entering into a new contract was said at any point, and since the email I have been trying to contact them through the in-app chat (4 days with no response, or chat ended with autobot advice on something totally unrelated), emailed complaint, twitter query etc but am not getting any answer or confirmation of my requested cancellation.

I appreciate that services are stretched at the moment, but it feels like this is deliberate obfuscation and that I will be ignored until the 14 day cooling off period has elapsed. 

Anyone got any experience of this? Any advice would be helpful.


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Re: Booster Contract Issue

Hi Antjar,


Thank you for your post. 


I can confirm that ordering the boosters will not put you in to a new contract and your remaining contract term will not change as you are free to cancel and return the boosters at any time. 


In regards to the 'price hike' can you please confirm if there is any further information regarding this in the email? Could this be due to a promotional discount coming to an end?


Let me know 🙂 





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