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Black Friday deals problems

Joining in

To cut a long story short. I ordered the Black Friday Deal 2 “The Big M350 Volt Bundle” on the 16th November, nothing happened so I ordered it again on the 25th Nov still nothing. I did however get this notification see below. Basically and after long tedious phone calls to a call centre (they couldn’t understand my accent and I couldn’t understand them) I was connected to What’s app were I was told the O2 sim would arrive in the next 8 days, I’m not convinced. I was supposed to get a new 18 month contract at £45 per month. I actually think I’ve being put on the speedier Broadband package and no new contract and no O2 sim. All I want is what was advertised in the email and what I agreed to and signed up for. My current sim contract ends next month so this I thought was an excellent deal.



This Black Friday deal is for existing customers see below highlighted in Red


The Whats app chat below confirming that I would receive the O2 sim in 8 days.










Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi again @Mawler01 

You can contact O2 using social media - Facebook ( , Twitter ( or Instagram (

If you have a working O2 sim you can call them on 202,   or call them on 0344 809 0202 from any other phone

I'm not sure if this freephone number will work but they should pass you through to the right department  0800 081 0255 it's for mobile phone sales

I noticed your address on one of your previous images that you live near me, (it was rejected by the system for security reasons as they don't like personal info displayed)  I'm in Beechwood, but it might also be an idea to go into one of  the local O2 shops,  Unit 33  Hill Street; or 15c Goodwood Sq, Teesside Retail Park (The one in Stockton town cente has closed)


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Thanks for the update Mawler01 and it's disappointing to hear of your experience updating your Virgin Media package with one of the Black Friday deals. Thanks to newapollo for the assistance and screenshots to explain his journey and experience when doing similar.


Have you been able to contact O2 to update the incorrect information?



I have yes. Another nightmare. I was told (in a chat) that I needed to send a birth or marriage certificate as proof of name and date of birth. I hunted the house for 2 days and couldn’t find either of them. Looked online and it was going to cost me £15 and wait up to 15 days for it to arrive. For next day delivery it was something like £36 which I wasn’t prepared to do. I phoned O2 and the lady corrected my date of birth instantly. I as then transferred to someone else and told to send a recent utility bill which I’ve done. Still waiting for them to correct my forename but they did say it could take 5 working days.


You  may not like this and delete this post too but it’s all down to overseas call centres who can’t understand my accent and I can’t understand theirs. Some of them just tell you wrong information and waste your time I.E. my hunting the house for 2 days looking for certificates I didn’t even need.

I’m still waiting for the O2 sim to arrive but they’ve already billed me for £10.68 but the monthly charge is only £10 absolute nightmare 

It’s tough times for everyone and I was hoping to save a little money. It’s already cost me more and I’m thinking of taking this up with trading standards. I wasn’t given the package that was advertised and the package I signed up for on 3 separate occasions. Not to mention all the time wasted on the phone, on chat and on whats app. I’ve being with this company since around 1996 or so when it was Comcast then NTL. I’ve never really had much to complain about except internet outage but that was years ago. I’m really dismayed at these recent events tho. A total waste of time.

Hi Mawler01,

Thank you for reaching back out to us, sorry to see you still haven't been able to get this resolved, so I can help and at leat check your Virgin Media side is correct I will send you an invite into a private chat, once received click on the purple envelope to accept.



Tuning in

l took advantage of a Black Friday deal on my account 8 days ago  regarding TNT Sports and Sky Sports HD and there has still been no activation of this deal.

All l have had so far is a confirmation email and a order reference number 8 days ago.


Hi Tonto44_zeni 👋 Welcome to the community! Thank you for joining the thread! 

Sorry to hear about this issue with your Black Friday deal processing! If you took this deal via My VM we need to wait 14 days for it to process. If after this time you have seen no change we can send you a PM to offer further support - we will also need to get you to send us in a copy of any contract documents for us to corroborate the deal and match for you if needed. 

Thank you for your patience in the meantime! Please do keep us updated and get back to us at the end of the 14 day period. 

Wishing you all the best. 🌞



It is now 14 days since l took up the Black Friday deal via My VM and still nothing has been processed via the usual channels.

Thanks for confirming Tonto44_zeni, can you confirm if you received the CSS documents relating to the offer?


received this in the email.

Here's a summary of your order.

Order reference:
M250 Fibre Broadband
Telephone Line Rental
Anytime chatter
Incoming Calls Only
3 Way Calling
Call Divert
Reminder Call
Call Waiting
Mega TV
Premier Sports HD + BoxNation
TNT Sports
Sky Sports
Sky Sports HD

Estimated activation date:
7-10 working days

Virgin Media Payment summary
New monthly payment£112.49*

From month 18 of your original plan your total monthly cost will be £160.49*. The remainder of your original 18 month minimum term applies.

As you've changed your package part way through your billing cycle your next bill will feature only part of the charge for your new service. You'll pay the full amount you were quoted every month after that.