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Black Friday Deal problem

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I ordered a Black Friday deal on 13th November 2023 and received an email to confirm. However, I have not heard anything since, my account shows no orders. Can anyone help? I have order reference if required?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Lee1974

Thank you for your post, welcome to the Community Forums 😊

Sorry to hear you've not received an update yet about your order. We'll be happy to take a look. I'll pop you over a message now.



Rising star

This is becoming a common theme ! I am in the same position.

Has anybody accepted a new deal and got the contract / changes yet ????

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Same here. They said my order is not accepted. Maybe they only target new customer and any deals for existing customer is just a lie.

Tuning in

Same has happened to me. Everyone I speak to on the phone claims they can't see the order on my account, yet I ordered it as an upgrade through my own account after logging in, so it's definitely meant for me, an existing customer.

Hi redspace,

Thanks for posting and sorry there's been some confusion over your package. So I can take a closer look at this I've popped you over a private message.


Hi @Alex_RM

Could you also take a closer look at my account please.

Accepted the Black Friday deal on 8th November and had a confirmation email stating estimated activation on 11th November , no further communication or action since makes be concerned thatsomething is not right.

Thanks in advance

I have the same issue that the existance of the offer is being denied even though I have it in writing with an order number. Overseas call center say an issue was raised 2 days after order ( news to me I had no contact) , UK call center says as it was raised via my account they have no access to it ! . So no idea what is happening..

Time to look at my options , full fibre is available , so after 23 years with VM maybe time to move on.

Hi @Tractorboy,

Thank you for your post and welcome back to our community forums. We're here to help.

I'm very sorry to hear that there seems be a problem with a recent deal you've looked at. Did you take this out online or over the phone speaking with the team? Have you been advised why it's not been processed? Does the documentation that you have state it's an order confirmation?


Zach - Forum Team
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Hi Zach

The offer was taken online via the "Grab A Black Friday Deal" option while logged on to my account. At the time an email was sent with the pre contract details which I read before accepting the offer on screen. I then got an email in return giving me an order number confirming the amount , also saying that it would be active on 11th. So I have all details of the offer in writing. When I spoke first to an offshore retentions agent I was told something was noted on my account on 10th ( somebody who was having difficulty in speaking English fluently) all that was mentioned was a problem with a code. I was then transferred to a UK retentions agent , they advised that they could not see this offer on my account , and said that it was because it was done online through my account ! . The offer they made was nearly double the original offer I have in writing. The email I have is an order summary -

Order reference:


Order date:

Wednesday 08 November 23

New Services:


Removed Services:


Installation address:


Estimated activation date:

Saturday 11 November 23