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Bit of a rant

So having been offered a 9 Month deal and agreeing upon and paying an initial deposit for... I'd received a confirmation email from Virgin stating the contract was 12 Months. This was frustrating as obviously this is wrong and needs to be changed though mistakes happen, so it's okay. 

Then a couple days later receiving an email from Virgin saying 'We'd like to talk to you to as it appears that some information that we need to process your order was missing.This will help us take the next steps towards getting signed up, so just call our team on 0800 9522298' then calling this number to be told that there wasn't any information missing with the order and that the offer I'd already put an initial payment down for was no longer running and that I'd be contacted in the next couple of days with an update, this is too vague for me. 

I just have a feeling I'm going to be jumping through more hoops to get my broadband sorted, when all I seek is some clarity around the matter, is there anybody who can help with this?

(This may be the wrong place to post this, Customer Service please support) 

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Re: Bit of a rant

As this is primarily a customer self help forum, it may take up to about a week for someone from the VM forum team to respond.
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Re: Bit of a rant

Hi HarryH1,


Welcome to the Forums and thank you for you post.


I'm sorry to hear there has been a mix up with the details of your new contract.  If you've not already done so please call us to see if the details have been updated and to ensure you're happy with the contract.


You can contact the team on 150 or 0345 454 1111 or via Webchat where they can clear security with you.


Webchat can be contacted via the site online and you can speak to them if you prefer this option by choosing the Chat Online option:


E.G-Account and Billing > Manage Your Account Online


Please let us know how you get on with this.


Kind regards



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