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Bills and payments

Hi i have a bill that i cannot afford to pay in one hit when i first had virgin in january and got my first bill through it said the bill was £75.68 but said i only had to pay £32.13 so i did that then it said i have to pay £75.55 and i cannot afford that and my bill is due by the 24th and i do not get paid until the 1st of april and i still will not be able to afford the whole bill due to other bills coming out i was recently on a live chat to an agent and they said i could pay £45.55 before the 24th of march and £30 on the first of april and then another £30 on the first of may why am i being told different i have had so many problems with virgin since joining and thinking about leaving if its not sorted as soon as possible its becoming abit of a joke now and everytime i talk on the phone to someone they always seem very rude

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Re: Bills and payments

Hi Annedham261.


Thanks for reaching out and welcome to our community. I appreciate that this is about the bill. Sorry about the experience on the phone call. Not the kind of service we would want to give. Can I ask if this is in relation to home services or mobile?


Sad to hear that you're now thinking of leaving us because of this and we would want to make things right for you.


We need to take a closer look at your account and make sure that we'll give the right information about this. We can do this via online chat.


Let us know how you get on.





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