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Hi, I was wondering if someone could help.

I’m not sure how to go about this..

I phoned up to have my internet etc disconnected as I was moving home and was no longer needed. I was told because I paid a month in advance from the date of disconnection. 4th April. I was owed something like £6. I then was told if I referred a friend that joined Virgin they would get £50 off the first bill & I would also receive £50. However, from the disconnection date I was then charged from yourself £33 even though my services was no longer running. I then received a bill again in March saying I owed £4.50 because the payment went up to £54 but because I referred a friend they took the £50 I should of had off another bill that wasn’t suppose to be given.

I then get a letter saying they owe me £56.31 which honestly didn’t even make any sense what so ever... but that isn’t right. Because realistically they owe me more. As I expect a refund of £33 that they took out my bank account after services was charged off. Then another £50 for referring a friend as I didn’t have any services for them to take that off. Then also the £6 that I was told I was entitled to as a refund for paying a month in advance.

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