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Billing, internet and phone team issues

So today I got home to find out my internet was disabled. After an hour of trying to diagnose the issue I find out my account has been suspended and to pay my bill (I haven't received one)

So I login to pay the bill I've not received to find out I don't have a bill 🙄

So contact the team

First person passes me through to some automated billing thing which doesn't work cos I have no bill

Second person tells me to wait a second while he lopks at the account and phone goes dead

3rd person gives me a phone number to ring, o ring it. It's the same line I have rang three times

Fourth person puts me to a "supervisor", said supervisor tells me he is restoring the service and to reset the router in 20 mins 

Reset after 20 mins doesn't work 

Reset the router after 40 minutes doesn't work 

Ring back again, and the fifth person basically tells me they can't do any of that. So the fourth person must have just be trolling me

I've never had such a crap level of service, and none the wiser how I can get this issue resolved. Ive been a service user 2 weeks, and couldn't imagine how horrible this is.

Would be ok, but my house is powered heavily by IOT devices which don't work without the network being available and I'm a web developer, so having internet availability is pretty crucial to me

Can someone please point me in the right direction cos im so close to throwing this router through the window and taking this to the regulator

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Re: Billing, internet and phone team issues

Hi Chachawooka.


I'll take a look into this.


Look out for a PM from me



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