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Billing increase after new package was set at cheaper rate.

I have had broadband issues ever since moving house, when VM have called I've tried reaching for help but this wasn't resolved. I then took out a new package to increase my broadband size (stupid to trust this i know) and was due to get a free channel upgrade. However the broadband is still horrendous we reboot the router everyday and i still can't use wifi in the back of house nor my bedroom, i never got all the added channels and now the bill has jumped massivly each month after being told a different price. 

I have emailed twice on different dates and I've tried other means to contact VM. Please please contact me as i need this added package removed as its worthless to me and i can't afford this huge hike in price. 

*NOTE* i emailed twice well previous of COVID19 so the NIL response has nothing to do with that.

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