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Billing concern

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Hello so I just got off the phone with the most passive aggressive & rude member of staff! Saying I’m wrong and the bill is correct now I spent 4 hours going through my bills/invoices to make sure I was correct! As I was confused by the amount of this month so I went through 8 months of invoices and found there was a mess up on there part august time since then there’s been additional amount on each invoice that shouldn’t be there. I worked out there was £87.50 that shouldn’t be owed. 

So this month they sent invoice saying I owed £126.51 from previous bill which was sent 15th November then they sent a following email on the 16th November stating £39.01 now when I worked out the difference between those amounts it worked out to £87.50 confirming my concerns that there was an amount being charged wrongly. But when I called not only was the guy severely rude and passive aggressive when I kept making valid points put me on hold to come back saying I was wrong and to deal with it. Now when I said about the email they conveniently have no record of that which is the second time they’ve managed to not have any record of something that proves they are doing wrong so I said well I can forward the email back to you as it came directly from virgin media or I can screen shot then it’s no sorry we can’t accept either so again conveniently I can’t provide evidence. Asked for manager to just be told no. 

I’ve attached photos of the invoice and the email to show as evidence if anyone can provide any type of advice will be much appreciated thank you!! 




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Curtiskd15151,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome,  I'm sorry that you have had a poor experience when calling to query your bills. This is very disappointing to hear, and I can assure you that this is not the level of service that we want to provide.

We are unable to help with billing via our community however I will be more than happy to have a look for you, I will send an invite into a private chat, look out for the white envelope to accept.