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Billing Complaint

Joining in

Thought I'd post on here as I get no joy talking to a chatbot / "agent".
I spent hours in August trying to change my contract (the cost had gone from £43 to £64), only to discover the next day that the change hadn't gone through because "the connection with the agent had been lost".
So, then I spent over 6 hours waiting for an agent the next day - we managed to change my contract (or so I thought), I even went through rating the call.

Then this month my bill came through as £44.40 instead of £43.  My credits show as £6 and £15 and my bundle was £64 (now my maths shows that £64 - £6 - £15 = £43 (what I have been paying), not £44.40).  So I get on the chatbot again (only three and a half hours wait), the agent says they will credit my account, would I like to review as the cost will be £64 i October?  So I say "didn't the changes go through in August", the agent says no changes have been made (reason? and I quote "an error").  i AM NOW WAITING TO BE PUT THROUGH TO THE "SPECIALIST TEAM"

Not expecting any answers from here, just thought I'd have a rant, along with my complaint that I assume I will hear nothing about.  😞


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey GlenStreet,

Welcome back to the community and thanks for taking the time to post.
I’m sorry to hear of the issues that you’re having with your contract at the moment, unfortunately, we are unable to look into new contract offers over the forums, I can see that your complaint has been passed to the correct team and they will be in touch soon to discuss this further.

Kind Regards,